i saw a white boy playing an acoustic guitar on his porch so i yelled at him “play wonderwall” and he said he never heard of that song god what’s the fucking point of white boys if u can’t even make fun of them


i’d chime in with a haven’t you people ever heard of



Tips on Studying

*open a book*

*read the first sentence*

*understand it very well*

*then slowly close your eyes*


Drake seen in recovery after “Anaconda” music video


Drake seen in recovery after “Anaconda” music video

[1] you;
1. most people call you?: Chelsea
2. when’s your birthday?: May 6
3. is your current hair color your natural hair color?: Yes
4. what are you complimented on most?:  That I’m the cooliest
5. what do you do for fun?: Netflix it up and procrastinate by doing nails

[2] family;
1. are your parents still together?: Yes
2. how old are your siblings, if you have any?:  Bros are 19 and 14
3. are you the tallest one in your family?: PFT no
4. do you have the same name as one of your relatives?: No
5. how many letters are there in your last name?: 10

[3] friends;
1. do you have a lot of friends?: Eh, sure
2. what do you guys do when you’re together?: Wing it. Mostly ends up leading to getting lost and getting food or just watching stuff at home
3. have you ever lost a friend because of something stupid?: Not that I can think of
4. have you made any new friends this year?: Yes
5. who’s the last friend you hung out with?: Nabster

[4] your best friend(s);
1. how’d you meet him/her?: At school
2. do you live near each other?: Relatively so
3. how long have you been best friends?: Shooo, one almost 10 years and the other like 7
4. do you tell him/her everything?: Heh
5. would you do anything for them?: Depends what the shady business is

[5] boyfriend/girlfriend; (skip if single…)
1. How long have you liked this person?: -
2. How long have you been going out?: -
3. Who asked who out?: -
4. Do you love him/her?: -
5. Do you think you’ll be together forever?: -

[6] single life; (skip if taken…) 
1. how long have you been single?: Since last year
2. who ended your last relationship?: Kind of mutual, but I initiated it
3. do you wish you were in a relationship?: At times
4. as of today, do you like anyone?: :3
5. if so, do you think it’ll go anywhere?: Nope

[7] who’s;
1. a person you’d travel across the country to see?: ? 
2. someone you would do anything for?: Probably my immediate family members
3. someone you’d die for?: Same
4. a person you’ve known for your entire life?: Ha yeah mom
5. your favorite person?: I have a plethora

[8] have you ever;

1. sang a solo in front of a large audience?: Yes, kind of
2. been in trouble with the cops?: im 2 smoov 4 da po po
3. got a tattoo?:  No
4. kicked a guy in the junk?: Not purposefully
5. pretended to be happy?: Yes

[9] do you believe;
1. in god?: Yes
2. in satan?: Yes
3. that everything happens for a reason?: Depends
4. in love at first sight?: Possibly, but eh
5. that there’s such a thing as true love?: Yes

[10] school; (skip if you work…)
1. what grade are you in?: Technically a senior in college, but 2nd semester junior in nursing school years 
2. do you get good grades?: Eh, not as good as I’d like
3. are you the teacher’s pet?: Sometimes
4. have you ever been sent to the principal’s office?: No
5. do you plan on going to college?: Currently in college

[11] work; (skip if you don’t have a job…) 
1. how long have you been working at your job?: Like 3 weeks
2. what do you do there?: It’s retail so retail-y stuff
3. what’s your favorite part about it?: The people are pretty great and easy to get along with
4. is your boss a pain in the ass?: Not at all!
5. do you think you’ll work there your entire life?: No

[12] pets; N/A

1. what was your first pet’s name?: Spike (my first dog if you don’t count Freddy the Fish)
2. do you currently have any pets?: Yes, a dog named Ringo
3. do you always remember to feed/water them?: Yes
4. have you ever had a pet fish?: Yes
5. what’s the strangest animal you’ve had for a pet?: N/A

[13] last time you…;
1. told someone you loved them?: Here and there to family
2. had sex?: haha
3. drove a car?: Yesterday to work and back
4. went to burger king?:  Jeez, so so long
5. made someone cry?: Not recently, I hope

[14] yesterday;
1. what did you do?: I went to work for the last time until my next break from school. I had Auntie Ann’s (or whatever) lemonade for the first time and it was refreshing.
2. was it a good day?: Overall 
3. did you hang out with any friends?: Nope
4. did you get in any trouble?: Almost, but not super big. I was told that I had done a return incorrectly, but then she double checked and I hadn’t. Phew!
5. was it better than today?: Eh, yes

[15] today;
1. what day is it?: Wednesday
2. did you do anything fun?: Not at all, dumb paperwork
3. did you have to work?: Not at work, but kind of
4. where did you go?: Stayed home 
5. what are you doing tonight?: Chillin out maxin and relaxin all cool


when u try to tell ur friends a pun


Michael Cera
Steady now
true that


"Lay your heart down and call it a day, it’s so hard to see you when fear is consuming you. When will you see yourself? Try to forgive yourself! You just can’t help yourself."